"by love serve one another"


The Keins College of Education for Women is managed by ‘Ken-a-z Educational and Industrial Society (abbreviated as KEINS). Keins kindergarten, the fore runner of Keins group of institutions was established in 1979. The society was established in 1984 and the kindergarten was upgraded into Keins Matric. Hr. Sec. School. The school and keins T.T.I were managed by the society. Keins College of Education was established in the year 2006 -2007 in a building of 2420 sq. m. Yearly intake of the college is 100 students. The primary aim of the college is to up lift the life of girl students from rural area, in and around Vallioor.

Recognized by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu and National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), New Delhi, (Vide letter No.F/SRO/NCTE/B.Ed/2006 – 2007/7326 dated 30-08-2006) and at first the college was affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, (No.MSU/CD/FA/2006 dated:29.1.2007 & No.MSU/CD/Cont.Aff./ B.Ed./2007-08 dated:22.11.2007) Tirunelveli. Now the college is affiliated to the Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, (NO.TNTEU/R/Affin – contn/2009 – 2010/959) Chennai.

The B. Ed. course combines theory and practical training. Theory is taught in the college where as the practical training is provided in various schools in and around Vallioor. Frequent weekly tests and terminal examinations were conducted for constant assessment of the progress of the students. Our library has a vast collection of subject books, reference books, encyclopedia and periodicals for the development of student teachers. Student teachers were taught and trained in all the latest IC Technology in the field of education. With untiring efforts we produce 99% pass in the first two academic years 2006-07 and 2007-08, 98% pass in the next three academic years 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 and as a crown to our institution all the student teachers of the 2011-12 batch came out with flying colors and a great 100% result was achieved. The good work of ours will continue

About the Chairman

The Chairman of the College of Education Prof. S.Selvanayagam is a Post Graduate in Physics (M.Sc.) of 1972 batch. After post graduation he joined T.D.M.N.S. College of Arts and Science, T.Kallikulam in June, 1972. He worked as Demonstrator in Physics for 5 years and then as Assistant Professor for 27 years and voluntarily retired in 2004. So, he has 32 years of rich experience in the field of higher Education. Also he got Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA).

The Chairman is actually the Key person behind starting the Keins Kindergarten by his wife 33 years back i.e in 1979. He helped her lot to develop it into Keins Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Started with 15 kids, Keins Group of Institution has 1500 students on roll today. It is a tremendous 100 fold growth. After his voluntary retirement from service, he established:

  1. KEINS Teacher Training Institute.
  2. KEINS College of Education


  1. To promote life long learning and enrich the community with trained intelligent and world class teachers.
  2. To spread the fragrance of knowledge, love, and humanity.
  3. To make a positive difference in the society by serving them with love.


  1. To make the weaker the leaders.
  2. To promote excellence in the sphere of teacher education.
  3. To train the students to be an intelligent, social minded, vocationally prepared and committed to the cause of quality education.
  4. To uplift the living conditions of girl students from the rural areas.


  1. To provide career programs to prepare students to function successfully in a technologically and socially changing world.
  2. To provide professional development programs to ensure excellence in teaching, learning process.
  3. To Provide support services for all students
  4. To Serve as a education center for national development
  5. To Enhance teaching and learning through the use of latest ICT (Information and Communication Technology.)


To ensure that the general education courses enable the students:
  1. To mould the total personality of the teacher trainees, to meet the challenges in the field of education
  2. To develop effective communication skills
  3. To provide job placement services as required.
  4. To inculcate commitment towards national development.
  5. To develop the leadership quality among the teacher trainees.
  6. To Introduce ICT based education.