"by love serve one another"

Financial Features

Our management has a special concern for poor and helpless people. Management gives concession education for deprived meritorious students.

  • Scholarships
  • The following scholarships can be availed by our students.

    • Residential and Non-residential scholarship for Backward and Most Backward / De-Notified Caste Students.
    • Residential and Non-residential scholarship for Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe (Christian & converted) Students.
    • Beedi Scholarship for the wards of Beedi workers
    • Ulavar Scholarship for the wards of farmers having Ulavar Identity Cards issued by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
    • Minority Scholarship for Religious/ Linguistic Minority Students
  • Educational Loan:
    • Educational Loan for SC & ST students.
    • The incurred certificate will be issued by the principal for getting educational loan from the bank for all students.
  • Fee Concession:
  • The college management is giving fee concession to the deprived meritorious students who are not in receipt of any scholarship. We render financial assistance to the children of social sufferers and Christian minorities.

  • Railway Concession:
  • The students are eligible for the following railway concession. The students are asked to avail these facilities.

    • Season Ticket
    • Sports Events
    • Vacation Leave
    • Educational Tour

    Students shall avail concessional railway ticket certificate from the principal in writing at least a week in advance.,