"by love serve one another"


“By love serve one another"

The Open Book

Spreading knowledge through teaching and learning. What is there in books is the way to remove the darkness in the minds of the socially downtrodden people of this land. Books are the store house of knowledge. Students should develop the habit of reading at the tender age. To inculcate the habit of reading among the students, our future teachers were taught not only the importance of Reading Books, but also how to develop the habit among their students.


Only a lighted, candle can light other candles. Teachers should keep themselves burning with the thirst for knowledge, which can be transferred to their students.

Caption: By Love Serve One Another

“Teaching is not just a profession it is service”. We prepare teachers to mould the young minds; our motto is to sow the seeds of love in the young minds. We impart the value of ‘love’ and ‘Service’ to our student teachers; In turn along with education they initiate the Value of ‘love’ and ‘Service’ in the juvenile brains. Future of India will build upon the foundation ‘Love’, where there is love there is no place for hatred, people will serve one another breaking all the barriers. Only by love humanity can spread, we formulate teaching minds with this motto.